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Please Note: after much deliberation and careful thought, it has been decided that POLYchromatic will be closing.

POLYchromatic will close on March 1.

Thank you
Goodnight & Good luck ♥

  • Applications can currently be submitted at all times.

  • Go here, if you are interested in our suggestions on how to fill out the application, as well as our overall guidelines on what we do and do not accept.

  • You may apply for only ONE CHARACTER per week.
  • Players who wish to reclaim a character must re-apply if the character has been dropped for over 1 month.
  • Please use the form below to apply for the character you wish to pick up. Read over & run your application through spellcheck before posting. Remember to give enough content within the sample to show the mods that you have a grasp of the character you wish to play.
  • Once approved, please join [community profile] tampered, [community profile] poly_tldr, [community profile] poly_chromatic & [community profile] thatrainbowcity
  • Then go here to enter your Character + Contact Information.
  • Go here for any [community profile] poly_chromatic guidelines.
  • Try here this for any Character Requests.

    You can find our application submission information for OCs HERE.

    Previously we accepted OC-style applications for minor canon characters (canon!OC characters). We no longer accept OC applications for characters who appear in an established canon. Please fill out the canon application form HERE and apply for the character as a canon character.

    When you receive a notice of "Queued," that means that your application is in our review queue. If you note that applications before and after yours have gotten that notice, but not yours, please notify a mod, so we can rectify the oversight. Thanks.

    After your application has received the "Queued" note, if you decide to delete or move your application, as a courtesy, and to facilitate our review process please leave us a separate note in this post.


    Why yes, every opinion on a given app helps.