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✭R E S E R V E S✭

Please Note: after much deliberation and careful thought, it has been decided that POLYchromatic will be closing.

POLYchromatic will close on March 1.

Thank you
Goodnight & Good luck ♥

  • To reserve a character for two weeks, please comment below in the following format:
    canon | character | player name | a method of contact (aim / y!m / dw / plurk handle, etc )

  • You can only reserve one character at a time.

  • Please make sure at least a week has passed before commenting to renew a reservation for the same character.

    CANON | character | - Player Name ( EXPIRATION date )

    Please try to keep spamming on the low, so we don't make it difficult for people to navigate the page. You're always welcome to PM us, if you'd like us to organize an occasional "meet the reservation-placers" kind of post!

    Thank you!